Versatility and practicality combine with this unique design making it the ultimate way to mount your 4×4 accessories. It’s super easy to interchange between different mounting positions. After all we live in a dynamic, ever-changing world so why not have flexibility with how you store your accessories?


The idea for the CROC HINGE® 4×4 bracket developed in response to a need for better versatility and access when it came to mounting 4WD accessories. We recognised that there were a number of products on the market but they were all rigid. Standard, fixed mounting brackets negatively impinge on the vehicle height and without them you reduce the carrying capacity of the roof rack. CROC HINGE® overcomes the issues of a fixed bracket by allowing you to reclaim valuable roof space, conveniently access your 4×4 accessories or simply reduce your height travelling under overhangs. It achieves this through a unique pivoting movement, which sets the CROC HINGE®  foldable brackets apart from competitors. The flexibility of being able to change your set up as required is really convenient and unmatched elsewhere.

Over time and through rigorous testing, the original concept has evolved and the end result is a certified design that is durable and practical to suit a wide range of flat racks and accessories from recovery boards, awnings, shower tents etc. You’re only limited by your imagination!

We are 100 percent Australian owned and operated. We are also proudly veteran owned. Being quintessentially Aussie in all other respects we stuck with the theme and named it after a crocodile and that’s the story of how CROC HINGE® was born.

Croc Hinge 4x4 Bracket Crocodile Logo with Text

Every aspect of the production is grassroots. From our logo designed by a fellow veteran, to testing and feedback from fellow 4WDers all the way through to our chance meeting with an engineer over a cold one, floating down a creek out bush! Our passion for getting off-road means we are end users just like you and it’s the desire for quality products, that has seen CROC HINGE® eventuate. With certified engineering and extensive product testing across the nation, the CROC HINGE® has been designed and trialled to withstand harsh Australian conditions. From heavy corrugations and the toughest tracks right through to the everyday mall crawler, the CROC HINGE® 4×4 Bracket suits one and all.

At CROC HINGE® we believe anything you’ve adding to your 4WD should be practical and if it has multiple uses, that’s even better. Our goal is to help you explore more, adventure further and get out on the tracks. Forget worrying about roof space or accessibility, we are proud to provide you with a practical, versatile product so your only real concern should be ‘Where to next?’

Proudly Aussie OWNED and operated. Thanks for supporting a local small business.

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